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Printed Paper Bags

Enhance your brand with our eco-friendly range of paper bags

From takeaways to upmarket fashion boutiques, paper bags are the perfect match for a huge variety of businesses. You can choose from:

Laminated paper bags – luxurious packaging, ideal for high-end stores.
Sandwich Bags – strong, hygienic bags, perfect for takeaways, delicatessens and sandwich shops.
Flat handle takeaway bags – versatile design, ideal for takeaways, bakers, sandwich shops, chemists and more.
Paper twisted handle bags – strong, reusable bags, perfect for fashion shops, gift shops, museums and large department stores.

Protect your products, advertise your business

Our paper bags are strong, hygienic, environmentally friendly and eye-catching – so your customers will remember them for all the right reasons.

Enhance your brand – by fully customising the design with your logo, sales message and/or contact details.
Environmentally friendly, recyclable & degradable – something which many customers look for.
Durable, practical and hygienic – making them unlikely to break and ensuring food is kept fresh.
UK-based, dedicated design team – will help you to pick the right style, size, number and colour.
Low cost, high volume marketing – to generate exposure for your business.

To find out more about what our bags could do for your business, select a style below, or contact our help desk on 0191 2687555 for more information.

Laminated Printed Paper Bags

Laminated paper bags are the height of luxury packaging. They can be seen in upmarket fashion boutiques, high end retail stores, and prestigious exhibitions and conferences, reinforcing the luxury product they contain.

Example Price

Laminated Paper Bags - 250 x 100 x 310mm 200gsm White Board 2 sides 1 colour standard length rope handle









*Price is per bag and includes printing plates and delivery to 1 mainland UK address

Printed Paper Sandwich Bags

Our strong, hygienic, and attractive sandwich bags are perfect for helping takeaways, delicatessens and sandwich shops to package their products - and promote their business.

Example Price

Paper Sandwich Bags - 250 x 250mm 38gsm White Kraft 2 sides 1 colour









*Prices per 1,000, Prices exclude printing plates, delivery and VAT

Flat Handle Paper Takeaway Bags

With many more uses than simply carrying food home from a restaurant, our flat handle takeaway bags offer businesses a wide range of tasty benefits - including a low cost.

Example Price

Flat Handle Paper Bags - 8.5” x 4.5” x 7.75” 70gsm White Kraft 2 sides 1 colour









*Prices per 1,000, Prices exclude printing plates, delivery and VAT

Twisted Handle Paper Bags

High quality, comfortable to hold and impactful - it’s no wonder our printed twisted handle bags are the first choice for fashion shops, museums, gift shops, and large department stores.

Example Price

Twisted Handle Paper Bags - 260 x 130 x 350mm 100gsm White Kraft 2 sides 1 colour









*Prices per 1,000, Prices exclude printing plates, delivery and VAT