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Welcome to The Printed Bag Shop. We specialise in supplying printed paper, plastic, jute, cotton and non woven bags as well as retail bags & exhibition products!

Our Best Selling Products

The Printed Bag Shop is one of the UK’s leading suppliers and importers of printed carrier bags!


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    Trusted by the best!

    Our clients are a reflection of our quality products and reliable service. Having worked with key brands in the UK such as Vivienne Westwood, British Gas and Virgin Money, we are confident that our service and products are of the highest standard. We’re also extremely proud of our range of awards: we’ve been awarded by the likes of NatWest, The Prince’s Trust and Theo Phaphitis. 

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    Based in the UK

    The Printed Bag Shop is one of the UK’s leading suppliers and importers of Printed Bags. Being based in the UK, we’re able to give our customers the opportunity to contact us directly for enquiries, advice and a reliable, hassle free service. 

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    Fast-track service

    We offer a fast-track service for our clients who are in need of their printed bags urgently. Our fast track service prioritises your order and essentially allows you to jump to the front of the printing queue, meaning you will receive your bags within 7 days! 

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    Environmentally friendly

    We’re proud to supply a range of environmentally friendly products. We’re passionate about making a difference in the world and we know that many of our customers are too. That’s why we have a range of durable, recyclable and eco-friendly bags and packaging.

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    Storage facility

    Here at The Printed Bag Shop, we offer a storage facility which enables you to purchase in larger quantities to ensure you get the best price but without having to worry about the storage! The good thing about this is that when you require more bags, you don’t have to wait weeks for delivery as they are already in our secure warehouse and will be delivered in a matter of days!

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