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Personalised Sweet Bags

There’s nothing as nostalgic as a bag of traditional sweets from a traditional sweet shop. Black Bullets, Humbugs and Sherbet Lemons, bought by the quarter and served in a little paper bag. But have you considered harnessing the potential powers of that little paper bag?

Printed bags offer a wide range of promotional and branding benefits to your business or event and The Printed Bag Shop work with you to ensure that your personalised sweet bags carry the right message to your customers and potential customers. There are a range of opportunities for promoting your company through personalised sweet bags, whether as a memorable give-away or an alternative to the traditional business card.

Trade Fairs – Businesses are always seeking out something quirky and memorable to give out at trade fairs and trade exhibitions. Personalised printed sweet bags, printed with your company details, logos and colours, are a brilliant opportunity to draw attention to your business name and give your potential customers something to remember you by. Regardless of your business sector, printed, personalised paper sweet bags filled with a few tasty sweets can be given away alongside pamphlets, brochures and other business paraphernalia. They certainly leave a longer lasting and memorable impression than a bag full of corporate printed materials and unlike ‘Business Card Competitions’, everyone is a winner.

Wedding Fairs – Weddings are big business but there is huge competition amongst suppliers to be both seen and remembered by brides and grooms in waiting. With so much choice available, how do you get your food product noticed by potential customers? Personalised sweet bags are the ideal way to reach right out to your target market. If you create or sell any kind of food product for weddings, personalised sweet bags not only take your product directly to the market but the bags themselves ensure that your contact details are remembered long after the taste has gone.

Sweet Shops – If you operate a sweet shop, newsagents or any other kind of sweet retail operation, you would be missing a huge marketing opportunity by not personalising your sweetie bags. Whilst most of your competition will serve their wares in plain paper bags, your personalised paper sweet bags will stand out a mile and be remembered not just by your customer but by everyone those bags come into contact with.

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